5mm LEDs with Round Lens Wenrun

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    LED 5mm Green - Wenrun LAG50330

    LED 5mm Green Color 100mcd/30° Diffused Lens Wenrun LAG50330

    Color: Green 572nm
    Lum. Intensity: 100mcd
    Viewing Angle: 30°
    Lens: Diffused

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    LED 5mm Red - Wenrun LUE50330

    LED 5mm Red Color 140mcd/25° Diffused Lens Wenrun LUE50330

    Color: Red 640nm
    Lum. Intensity: 140mcd
    Viewing Angle: 25°
    Lens: Diffused

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    LED 5mm Yellow (Amber) - Wenrun LUY50330

    LED 5mm Yellow (Amber) Color 360mcd/30° Diffused Lens Wenrun LUY50330

    Color: Yellow (Amber) 590nm
    Lum. Intensity: 360mcd
    Viewing Angle: 30°
    Lens: Diffused

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